What Makes Practice PalĀ® Unique?

Transforming Education Through Interactive Multimedia Experiences

Our mission at Digital Publishing Inc. is rooted in education and driven by a passion to make learning accessible and engaging. As an esteemed educational software company headquartered in Dallas, Texas, we've harnessed the power of technology to create a diverse range of online platforms. These platforms serve as dynamic tools that empower individuals of all backgrounds and ages to explore, learn, and grow.

Creators are the backbone of the learning process, crafting the diverse and engaging content that fuels educational growth. Their expertise and creativity breathe life into concepts, making learning a dynamic and enriching experience for learners of all kinds, ultimately driving the continuous evolution of education.

By crafting a wide range of materials, from interactive digital modules to insightful articles and captivating videos, creators cater to diverse learning preferences, ensuring that every individual can find a pathway to knowledge that resonates with them. Their contributions are pivotal in shaping the educational journey, nurturing a love for learning and fostering a sense of discovery that extends beyond the classroom.

Through creators' diverse range of materials, they cater to various learning preferences, shaping an enriching and dynamic educational journey that extends beyond traditional classrooms. Their contributions are essential in nurturing a lifelong love for learning.

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Our values

Cultivating the Future of Education Through Innovation and Accessibility

Educational Equity.
Making quality education accessible to diverse communities.
Innovative Learning.
Pioneering new methods to enrich and personalize the educational experience.
Simplified Publishing.
Streamlining the book creation process for educators and content creators.
Global Accessibility.
Breaking down language barriers to reach learners worldwide.
Social Responsibility.
Making a positive impact on communities and the environment.
User-Centric Design
Creating intuitive, easy-to-use solutions that empower both creators and learners.

Our team

Meet the people behind Digital Publishing Inc. We're a dedicated team committed to pushing the boundaries of educational technology.

  • Dr. Hossein Zamanian

    Co-Founder / CEO

    Dallas, TX

  • Dr. Ehsan Shafiee Zargar

    Artistic Director

    Dallas, TX

  • Aaron Stang

    Director of Music Publishing

    Dallas, TX

  • Cody Moy

    Director of Development

    Dallas, TX

  • Jordan Vera

    Full Stack Web Developer

    Dallas, TX

  • Justin Charo

    Full Stack Web Developer

    Dallas, TX

  • Cole Adams

    Media Producer

    Dallas, TX

  • Hannah Hughes

    Media Producer / Graphic Designer

    Dallas, TX

  • Crystal Enns

    Media Producer

    Dallas, TX

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